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Baby Shower for Sarah and Shane

Where: Parsonage

Follow the map to 3510 NW 35th Place and drive by the parsonage to drop off your baby gift for Pastor Sarah and get a cupcake!  If you didn't save them from your Witness, go to the "Newsletters" tab above, click on the July Newsletter, and find the page of directions.  You can't miss us!

Gift registry at Amazon Gift Registryhttps://www.amazon.com/baby-reg/shane-mcintosh-august-2020-gainesville/2JDMLNL9T0017
Target Gift Registrytgt.gifts/babymcintosh1022

Helpers will take your gift and place it on a table while another helper offers you and cupcake.  Please stay in your car.

We will have a photographer around taking pics of everything that's happening.  And we hope to have a later video of the parents-to-be opening their gifts and ooohing and aaahing over them.  Stay tuned!

Don't forget to wave to Pastor Sarah and Pastor Shane!  They are sure to be waving at you!