Memorial Day 2020 Wesley UMC Gainesville FL

Church members share photos of family members who served in the military and have passed on.

Veterans Day 2019 Wesley UMC Gainesville FL

Divas and darlings
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Pumpkin Patch 2019

Pumpkin patch collage

Bell Choir 12 9 18 Wesley UMC Gainesville FL



Five mothers (five disciples plus Jesus) talk about their thoughts of events leading up to Easter.  A play by John McCauley Smith.


Ernest K. Emurian's moving play where each disciple at the Last Supper hears Jesus say that one of them will betray him, and each one ponders "Is it I?"

Blessing of the Animals

On May 14th, Wesley's canine and feline friends received blessings from Pastor Harry for the joy they bring to our lives, the companionship the provide, and even the feeling of safety they give us as many of us live alone.  Twenty dogs, two cats, and a BUNCH of people enjoyed species-appropriate treats and activities on this bright and warm Saturday morning in the Memorial Garden at the church.

Living Last Supper 2018

   On March 29th Wesley presented Ernest Emurian's 1954 drama.  The play is based on Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" fresco in Milan, Italy, and gives each disciple the opportunity to give a passionate testimony describing his life with Jesus leading up to that moment when He tells them that "One of you will betray me."  Each apostle ponders their relationship with Jesus and wonders if he will be the one.
​    Many thanks to director Sandy Reeves, Kimberly Harrell as the opening narrator, Jody and Kailey Driver as servers, and apostles Danny Aguila (Nathaniel), James Dean Robinson (James the Lesser), Derek Mallard (Andrew), Jim Harris (Peter), Sena Bergeron (John), Ron Case (Thomas), Tristan Todd (James), Paul Humphlett (Phillip), Chris Blake (Matthew), Harley Christensen (Thaddeus), Chris Robinson (Simon the Zealot), Alex Reeves (Judas), and Darryl Davis-Schulz (Jesus).  Many, many thanks to our excellent production team, too!

Young at Heart Senior Fellowship

The YAHs met at Donna's home for our annual Valentine's luncheon.  The delicious food was prepared by Donna Weseman, Linda Baldwin, Sharren Gibbs, and Paula Mathis.  Table decorations with a modern flair this year were beautiful, and we all enjoyed our lunch and the good fellowship.  See you next year!
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Annual Christmas Cookie Bake

Wesley's children and youth gathered to make and decorate sugar cookies.  All they had to bring was a cookie sheet and their smiles - looks like everyone had a great time!  And the cookies look pretty good, too.